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Atlas Electronics, Inc.

30011 Ivy Glenn

CA 92677 Laguna Niguel
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
Telefon +1 949 249 4200
Telefax +1 949 249 6644


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    Atlas Electronics is a worldwide stocking distributor of electronic components and peripherals. We offer a large variety of items including, but not limited to: semiconductors (CMOS*, SRAM*, VRAM*, DRAM, EPROM*, linear, logic, discretes, MPU, and CPU's) passives (capacitors, resistors, transistors, relays, connectors, etc.) peripherals (moniters, ethernet equipment, hard drives, floppy drives, modems, lan cards, etc.) and memory modules (Compaq original, 3rd party, Major original, and Major on 3rd.) We have been doing business with large scale OEM's for many years and among the variety of services we provide for them are: JIT delivery, kitting, tape and reeling, order tracking and module builds. All broker business is welcome, although we are OEM based. We look forward to doing business with you!!