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Chip Broker
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    ChipsandMore is a global distributor of franchised and non- franchised electronic components, with a growing customer base of over 8000 OEMs, CEMs, Distributors and Traders throughout our worldwide network.

    With offering all kind of active, passive and emec electronic components, customer specific procurement solutions, just-in-time-services, state-of-the-art software development and a growing inventory, we evolved into a global distributor.

    Since the beginning in 1997, our sales growth is matched only by our commitment to talented team members that extend the most value to our customers.

    With our defined commitment to excellence and the opening of a branch structure back in January 2000, ChipsandMore established strategic global partnerships and grew into an innovative partner for the entire electronics industry.

    ChipsandMore brings together logistics and software solutions of the twenty first century backed by a team of skilled sales & engineering professionals committed to one goal.