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    GHM Microelectronics Limited

    B72 Yuedong Electron Town Chendian Shantou China 515152

    515152 Guangdong Shantou
    Telefon 86 754 8997 1265
    Telefax 86 754 8997 2265




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    GHM Microelectronics Limited is a High Tech and Trusted Electronic Component distributor providing world-class service. Special offering all kinds of brands of passive and active electronic components: integrated circuit (IC's), capacitor, coil, connector, diode & transistor, inductor, module, optoelectronic components, optelectronic display, power supplies, relay, resistor, sensor, transformer and more. Our parts are widely applied in civilian, industrial and military fields,IE. network, communication, home appliances, RF, vadio display, memories, ARM development, medical instruments, power supply system, program-controlled devices, digital devices, industrial equipments, aviation and navigation equipments, etc. Most of our customers are IC distributors, agents, resellers, OEM manufactories, Research and Development companies and so on. GHM creates increased efficiencies, product demand, and the ability to capture new opportunities for our customers and partners.

    GHM can help you find obsolete or hard-to-find electronic components online, utilizing our network of established industry relationships to ensure that you receive the highest-quality parts available. We help you find a solution – whether you are seeking to fulfill a shortage of obsolete electronic components or whether you need to reduce a surplus of electronic parts.

    GHM is thorough in each and every exchange, and we provide our customers with as much transparency as possible in each transaction. We only work with trusted vendors and sources, ensuring that our clients receive the highest-quality of electronic components available. Additionally, GHM submits each electronic component through a variety of internal and external third-party tests to alleviate any concerns of low-quality or counterfeit parts that are rampant on the marketplace.

    As global electronic component distributors, with a customer base that includes all over the world, we understand the importance of timeliness, honesty and quality control. GHM values personal interaction with our clients and buyers, allowing us to create a network of reputable electronic components online vendors that you can trust.

    Find out why we are a trusted, established industry source – contact us and tell us about your situation. Our team of industry experts is waiting to help you solve any challenge by creating customized electronic components solutions to save you time, money and energy.

    Our product and market knowledge, coupled with our ability to share information, makes us unique in the industry. We consider our customers, manufacturers representatives, vendors, and team members to be partners.