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Ansoft Corporation Europe

  • Aidenbachstrasse 5281379 MünchenDeutschland
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Companies that use our industry-leading software have a distinct competitive advantage because our solutions allow them to more efficiently design and evaluate their products and systems. To see which solutions best meet your design needs, review our product portfolio below.

High-Frequency (HF) Products

Ansoft’s HF product suite is a powerful solution for system analysis, circuit design, and electromagnetic simulation, that go into developing wireless technology, broadband communication networks, antenna systems, and aerospace electronics.

Ansoft Designer® High-performance RF/mW Design & Analog/RFIC Verification

HFSS™ 3D Full-wave Electromagnetic Field Simulation

Nexxim® The Next State of the Art in Circuit Simulation

Signal-Integrity (SI) Products

Ansoft’s SI product suite is a comprehensive family of design and analysis tools that provides today’s high-speed designer with unparalleled accuracy. Applications include the analysis of complex printed circuit boards (PCBs), IC packaging, high-performance interconnects, and on-chip structures.

DesignerSI™ High-performance Signal Integrity Analysis

Nexxim® The Next State of the Art in Circuit Simulation

Q3D Extractor® 3D/2D Parasitic Extraction for High-Performance Electronic Design

SIwave™ Signal- and Power-Integrity Analysis for High-Performance PCBs and IC Packages

TPA™ Automated Parasitic Extraction for IC Packages

Ansoft EM Products

Ansoft’s EM solutions provide a complete design environment that integrates electromagnetic, circuit, and system engineering. Applications include power electronics and drives, automotive components and systems, industrial equipment, electric motors, actuators, and sensors.

What’s Your Focus – Guide to Ansoft EM applications

Maxwell® 2D 2D Electromagnetic-Field Simulation for High-Performance Electromechanical Design

Maxwell® 3D 3D Electromagnetic-Field Simulation for High-Performance Electromechanical Design

Simplorer® High-Performance Electromechanical System Simulation

PExprt™ Design Software for Magnetic Components

RMxprt™ Analytical Design Software for Electric Machines

Product Options

Ansoft offers add-on products to enhance our core simulation capabilities and provide an even greater competitive advantage. Learn how you can build an automated design flow, connect with third-party software and much more.

AnsoftLinks™ Links to CAD and EDA Tools for Streamlining Geometry Import

Distributed Analysis Distributed Computation of Parametric Electromagnetic Field Simulation

ePhysics™ Coupled Thermal and Stress Analysis for Electromagnetic Applications

Full-Wave SPICE™ High-Bandwidth SPICE Models

Optimetrics™ Optimization for High-Performance Electronic Design

ParICs® Automated IC Package Geometry Creation


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