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Boin GmbH

  • Haldenweg 2589160 TomerdingenDeutschland
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Founded in August 1998, Boin GmbH develops software solutions for the semiconductor industry and provides services such as the development of complex mathematical algorithms. The company was started based on a business plan which won 2nd prize in a business plan competition known as “StartUp”. This is a nation-wide competiton of business plans initiated by the german magazine “Stern”, the banking association Sparkasse, and the consultants McKinsey & Company.

Boin GmbH´s focus is to develop advanced metrology software for the semiconductor industry. The company continues to develop long-term partnerships with IC and semiconductor manufacturing equipment vendors worldwide. Boin GmbH has already established relationships to clients such as Infineon, KLA-Tencor, Philips, Sopra, Mattson, Varian, Wacker Siltronic, Carl Zeiss, LSI Logic and others.

Since April of 1999, Hologenix Inc. has been distributing our main product WAFERMAP in the US and Canada. In August, 1999 we announced the expansion of our global distribution network for WAFERMAP. The product is now directly marketed and sold in Germany, France, Switzerland, UK and other European countries by the J. P. Kummer group. In Japan, our products are distributed by the Science Systems Sales division of Sumisho Electronics Co., Ltd. In April of 2000, Nanyang Equipment Pte. Ltd. was selected as the exclusive distributor in ASEAN, China, India and Taiwan. Altsoft Inc. is distributing our products in Korea.


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