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2970-1, Shiga, Suwa-shi

392-0012 Nagano


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    We believe it is our foremost mission to support our customers in their pursuit of technical challenges within unexplored frontiers of activity, taking full advantage of our wealth of experience in robotics and mechatronics.

    Athlete FA Corporation was established in 1989 as a specialist company engaging in factory automation (FA) engineering.
    Our company is deeply rooted in the technological heritage that our group has developed since 1965 centering on precision machining and semiconductor packaging in the Suwa district of Nagano Prefecure, one of Japan's foremost centers of precision industries. As a group specialized in production equipment, we provide corporate customers in a wide range of industrial fields with the needed technologies and systems, thereby assisting customers in semiconductor and other leading-edge industries as they systemize their production processes."Athlete," our brand, is the key to actualizing "Advance," "Accuracy" and "Assembly" - the three vital factors necessary for pushing forward the horizons of next-generation technologies.

    Athlete FA Corporation is pleased to be able to serve industrial customers worldwide with our highly reliable, full-line FA engineering, ranging from production system cosultation, development and design through manufacturing and maintenance.