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Magma Design Automation, Inc.

  • 1650 Technology DrCA 95110 San JoseVereinigte Staaten von Amerika
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Magma’s electronic design automation software products are used by the world’s major semiconductor manufacturers to design some of the most complex and highest-performing integrated circuits being made today.

Digital Design
Talus Platform

An all-new IC implementation system that offers unequaled automation and virtually unlimited capacity. With Talus, Magma provides true electronic design automation, rather than providing mere electronic design assistance, as traditional tools in the industry have. Dramatically reduces the design development cycle and design costs, and speeds yield ramp-up for very large ICs targeted at 65-nanometer (nm) and smaller process geometries. Core products include Talus Design, Hydra and Talus Vortex. With Talus Power Pro and Quartz Rail, Magma provides advanced low-power design and sign-off capabilities.

Blast Integrated RTL-to-GDSII Flow

Blast Create and Blast Fusion provide the foundation of Magma’s flagship design system. Optional products allow the system to concurrently address power, signal integrity and yield. Sets a new standard for capacity, runtime and performance.

Custom/Mixed-Signal Design

Titan is the first full-chip mixed-signal design, analysis and verification platform. Unlike other design solutions, Titan tightly integrates mixed-signal implementation with digital implementation, circuit simulation, transistor-level extraction and verification – providing a quantum leap in efficiency and productivity for analog designers.

Because Titan is based on Magma’s unified data model, it works seamlessly with Magma’s Talus digital IC implementation, FineSim circuit simulation and Quartz DRC and Quartz LVS physical verification products. As a result, analog and digital design teams can now work more closely and efficiently.
Sign-off Analysis

With the Quartz family of products, Magma provides a full set of analysis and sign-off tools, available either standalone or integrated into the Magma system which enables designers to achieve sign-off during design implementation.
Library Characterization & Modeling

Designers can shorten design cycles and improve chip performance with models generated by SiliconSmart for timing, power and signal integrity. When used with popular construction and verification tools, these models enhance silicon predictability and designer productivity.
Physical Verification

Magma’s Quartz DRC and Quartz LVS enable designers to verify any design in 2 hours or less. Talus qDRC increases productivity by providing sign-off quality DRC from within the implementation environment.
Circuit Simulation

Magma’s advanced circuit simulation engines with distributed processing enable simulation of entire mixed-signal systems on a chip (SoCs) at the transistor level. Integrated into the Magma RTL-to-GDSII flow or used standalone, FineSim Pro, FineSim SPICE and FineWave provide increased speed, accuracy and capacity, allowing users to reduce design and verification costs as they create smaller, faster and more power-efficient chips.
Chip & Package Planning

RioMagic™ is a package-aware chip design and optimization tool that takes package escape, routability and parasitics into consideration, enabling simultaneous tradeoffs between chip and package design issues. Hydra works with RioMagic to enable I/O planning and placement tradeoffs for both peripheral and flip-chip packages.
Failure Analysis and Yield Management

Merlin’s Framework, Camelot and YieldManager empower users to quickly collect, analyze, share and act upon essential design data through the fab to final test data, increasing yields, accelerating time to market and improving profitability.


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