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Plasma Etch, Inc.

  • 3522 Arrowhead Dr.
    89706 Carson City
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Progress through Innovation
We have been satisfying our customers for over 27 years by designing and manufacturing Vacuum Plasma Systems right here in the USA. We have the honor of being an industry pioneer innovator with Patented Process Temperature Control and Electrostatic Shielding.

Why Purchase Plasma Etch Systems?
Our PCB customers choose Plasma Etch to provide them with reliable, repeatable cleaning and etching of their circuit boards, eliminating costly and messy chemical etching processes prior to further processing and plating.

Our Chip packaging customers rely on us to ensure the utmost pull and shear strength in the wire bonding applications thus improving encapsulation, flow and bond.

Our Connector customers relish the quick and easy preparation prior to bonding, over molding, coating or marking. We have eliminated hand priming abrasion and priming helping to produce a superior end product.

Our Medical Manufacturing customers delight in the ease of bonding dissimilar polymers and metals. In modern medical devices many implanted devices require extreme pull strengths, we provide that. The Ionized gas plasma greatly increases the surface energy, of most materials, and has a side benefit of removing organic materials prior to the next production step.

Our Wafer processing partners use our RIE (Reactive Ion Etch) systems to strip resist and clean other contaminations for wafers as large as 300mm.


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