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Silicon Genesis Corporation

  • 61 Daggett DriveSan Jose California 95134Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
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SiGen was founded in September 1997 as an IP company. The Company opened its R&D center in Campbell, California and embarked on a program to build the process technology and equipment infrastructure needed to fabricate engineered substrate solutions.Soon thereafter, SiGen developed and demonstrated a core set of leading-edge processes for Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) wafer fabrication using innovations such as plasma activated bonding and room temperature cleaving. The company completed a pilot production facility in 2000 to demonstrate its technology capabilities. After successfully introducing its technology and completing its first major commercial license in 2004, the Company made the transition to being a fabless IP licensor and equipment provider for its engineered substrate solutions. SiGen is located in San Jose, California and has now moved its R&D wafer IP development lab to its corporate headquarters.SiGen has entered into numerous IP licenses, including equipment suppliers, commercial silicon wafer manufacturers, and other advanced substrate manufacturers. The wafer maker licensees have a total market share of over 45% of the world semiconductor silicon wafer market. The Company expects these semiconductor market licensees to capture at least the same or greater share of the SOI market. With numerous emerging opportunities, SiGen expects to broaden its market applications into the Solar Cell market and thus enable the Company to participate in the high growth segments of four major markets: Semiconductor, Solar, Optoelectronic and Display.


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