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Vincotech GmbH

  • Biberger Straße 9382008 UnterhachingDeutschland
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  • Vincotech GmbH
  • karina.seifert@vincotech.com



        Vincotech – an independent operating unit within Mitsubishi Electric Corporation – develops and manufactures subsystems and electronic components and provides manufacturing services that help customers master complex challenges in electronics integration. Vincotech’s extensive portfolio encompasses standard and tailored solutions, engineering services, and technical support for customers worldwide. These products and services contribute to sustainable, environmentally sound solutions that help modern society embrace mega-trends and explore new avenues.

        With approximately 500 employees worldwide, backed by vast experience and a long history in electronics integration, Vincotech leverages these assets to help customers achieve maximum market success.

        To learn more about Vincotech, please visit www.vincotech.com.


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