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Virtual Chip Exchange

  • Leopoldstrasse 1980802 MünchenDeutschland
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  • Michael Wood
  • +49 89 4522 -4622
  • mwood@virtualchip.com


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        Company Profile

        Virtual Chip Exchange is the leading B2B e-commerce trading hub for chips. For the first time, Virtual Chip Exchange provides transparency in the highly complex semiconductor market. Qualified OEM member companies can log onto the Virtual Chip Exchange website to purchase the microchips they need, offer their excess stock for sale and to obtain world-wide news, market prices, delivery lead-times and technical information from the semiconductor industry.

        Since its founding in 1997, Virtual Chip Exchange has outperformed industry expectations. With thousands of OEM member companies in over 62 countries worldwide, Virtual Chip Exchange is the only truly international trading hub for chips. Virtual Chip’s current online offering of over $750 million in excess semiconductor inventory is the largest in the industry.

        World-wide excess inventories are estimated to be in excess of $ 30 billion, concentrated in the hands of 35,000 of the world’s largest OEM customers. With Virtual Chip Exchange’s total potential customer base of over 150,000 OEMs, the company is uniquely positioned in the B2B marketspace to provide its customers with total inventory solutions.

        Virtual Chip Exchange is a 100% owned subsidiary of ce Global Sourcing AG (Europe’s leading chip trading company). ce Global Sourcing AG brings strengths which have enabled Virtual Chip Exchange to quickly rise to be the leader in B2B e-commerce for semiconductors.

        Virtual Chip Exchange’s e-commerce platform has been developed by Mediagrif Interactive Technologies (Montreal, Canada), one of North America’s leading e-commerce software companies. The fully transaction enabled “E-Chip 2000” software utilizes Mediagrif’s “Open Data” part number recognition logic and the fully functional “Parametric Search” for memory products.

        Internet experts believe that each specialized vertical market will be dominated by a single trading hub. With the new member base growing at a tremendous rate, Virtual Chip Exchange is clearly positioned to become the dominant trading hub for electronic components world-wide.

        Our Vision

        – Be the dominant internet trading hub for electronic components world-wide

        – Provide superior customer service through unique e-commerce solutions

        – Maintain the highest product quality standards in the industry

        – Offer a work environment founded on respect for the individual

        Our promise to customers

        – In every transaction, our promise of superior customer service and excellent product quality will take precedence.


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